Hide VPN

vpn serviceIn an age of increasing internet spying and snooping, I got pretty concerned about internet security. I always considered myself a “below the radar” kind of guy, but with everything going on in the media, and online, it’s hard not to get paranoid.

I think there’s some basic actions that anyone online should do, to stay safe: Keep your software up to date, keep everything patched, make sure you have a good firewall and virus protection and look into some options to enhance your privacy, Having a secure and safe cloud backup is also a great way to save your files like JustCloud. Another cloud storage that is widely use is MyPCBackup, for informations click on this link.

Whether its big companies, governments, employers or others snooping on you, there’s a lot of people out there interested in what you are doing on the internet.

A good, basic VPN is one of the solutions to that. Basically, it hides your IP address from prying eyes. There’s a number of services out there providing this, but I found that guys at hidemyass do a solid job helping people stay private and secure.

The service is easy enough to set up, and will work on a number of devices. Nowadays, people aren’t just sitting on the computer, I use my smart phone just as much, so this is a big plus. It wasn’t super expensive either, which can scare a lot of people off from even considering this kind of stuff.

You do get a lower price if you sign up for a longer subscription, so consider that carefully. Maybe you are going on a trip and only need it temporarily. Maybe you are after a long term solution.

In a time where everything about your internet activity has become a commodity to be acquired, viewed, examined and sold, isn’t it time to do something about that?

Take my word for it: Look into a VPN service and look into the deals from Hidemyass, check this for resources about hidemyass. Take back your privacy.