Working on the Go Just Got Better

vpnThe most frustrating thing in the world to me is when I’m out working, nose to the grindstone, when suddenly my computer crashes and my work is lost. It takes forever to reboot and it’s particularly embarrassing when it happens in front of a customer. I get the look of disapproval that means they think I’m wasting their time. I work for a cable provider, so the people I’m with are already fuming since they can’t watch their favorite shows at the moment. Hell hath no fury like a woman who missed the newest episode of Scandal. I definitely don’t need a network crash to make it worse.

Which is where a mobile VPN comes in. Recently, the cable provider I work for switched all of our mobile field devices to a new VPN (virtual private network, for all you non-geeks out there). It may sound ridiculous, but that small change has been a life-saver. Not once since then has my computer crashed while I’m desperately trying to match a customer to the problem they reported. Since I drive around to different houses all day, the best part for me is that I can go in and out of different wifi areas without losing the secure connection or dropping my application session. It saves so much time that I used to spend reloading and logging back in. The customer’s secure information stays locked up tight even while I continue cruising around. It’s smooth, easy, and way less stressful to deal with than before.

So if you work in the field and your boss has yet to realize that your job sucks when you don’t have a mobile VPN, you should drop him a line. They’re fast, secure, and they help you save face in front of your customer, which always helps.

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Best VPN Service Reviews for Small Business Owners and Startups

Best VPN serviceWhen my a couple of friends and I first begin designs for new software we hoped to launch in a couple of years, we knew we couldn’t rely on sending each other files and data over unsecured networks in coffee houses or front porches. If we wanted to start a business we had to think like entrepreneurs, and this meant finding network solutions to securely transfer data from one side of the country to the other.

Lo and behold VPN was just the solution we were looking for. One can also check vyprvpn article to see VPN reviews. Here are my best VPN service reviews for every small business, start-up or entrepreneur out there:

Private Internet Access – This is my favorite, most cost-effective solution hands down. For only about $7 bucks a month, this gives you everything you will likely ever need. Installation instructions cover everything from Windows, mobile devices, and even routers. Performance is excellent and at this price there is no better deal.

Norton Hotspot Privacy – The name is well-known for protecting your privacy and protecting your laptop, so why wouldn’t you think they’d make a great VPN software package. One account will support up to three devices, which is great for modern households that have now have a number of devices and multiple uses.

HotSpot Shield Elite – This package makes it easy for users to take advantage of VPN technology when they aren’t connected to a wireless hotspot. This was a great option for us because we were doing a lot of our work in public coffee houses and libraries.  This is also one of my favorite choices for the average web user and isn’t too expensive to start.

Starting a new and running a small business is tremendously exciting, but it also requires some careful planning. VPN technology has been a huge lifesaver for my start-up and has certainly made a world of difference in terms of our protection. Check out my these best VPN service reviews for your business and you’ll have the same peace of mind in knowing your privacy is safe.


Hide VPN

vpn serviceIn an age of increasing internet spying and snooping, I got pretty concerned about internet security. I always considered myself a “below the radar” kind of guy, but with everything going on in the media, and online, it’s hard not to get paranoid.

I think there’s some basic actions that anyone online should do, to stay safe: Keep your software up to date, keep everything patched, make sure you have a good firewall and virus protection and look into some options to enhance your privacy, Having a secure and safe cloud backup is also a great way to save your files like JustCloud.

Whether its big companies, governments, employers or others snooping on you, there’s a lot of people out there interested in what you are doing on the internet.

A good, basic VPN is one of the solutions to that. Basically, it hides your IP address from prying eyes. There’s a number of services out there providing this, but I found that guys at hidemyass do a solid job helping people stay private and secure.

The service is easy enough to set up, and will work on a number of devices. Nowadays, people aren’t just sitting on the computer, I use my smart phone just as much, so this is a big plus. It wasn’t super expensive either, which can scare a lot of people off from even considering this kind of stuff.

You do get a lower price if you sign up for a longer subscription, so consider that carefully. Maybe you are going on a trip and only need it temporarily. Maybe you are after a long term solution.

In a time where everything about your internet activity has become a commodity to be acquired, viewed, examined and sold, isn’t it time to do something about that?

Take my word for it: Look into a VPN service and look into the deals from Hidemyass, check this for resources about hidemyass. Take back your privacy.

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